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    Jumping Beans offers a fun physical skills program for children aged from 3 months to 5 years in a safe, fun and friendly environment, guiding parents to nurture happy, healthy and confident children. A key ingredient of the Jumping Beans programme is the information for parents on how each exercise links to brain development and learning. A household name in New Zealand, Jumping Beans is now growing its team worldwide.

    Kids love Jumping Beans. The evidence-based Jumping Beans program teaches physical confidence and develops brains for learning by stimulating essential learning pathways for emotional, social and intellectual intelligences.

    The Jumping Beans program is delivered in community classes, fitness centers or in child care groups.

    The market for early education services is growing. Today’s parents want to give their children every advantage, and are realizing that early education plays a critical role in forming a child’s values and behavioral characteristics.

  • The effectiveness of the program, together with word of mouth and targeted local area marketing ensures there is plenty of repeat business.

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  • Jumping Beans is focussed on giving kids the head-start in life they deserve. Offering its first community class over 30 years ago, Jumping Beans is a heritage New Zealand owned & operated business. Jumping Beans provides child-centered, physical development gymnastics for babies, infants, toddlers, preschool children and kids (from 3 months to 5 years of age).

    Jumping Beans is now growing nationwide, and we are seeking passionate and skilled owner operators to become part of the Jumping Beans team. Offering exclusive territories to take the classes to their local communities, we have created a business opportunity to enable our licensees to create a successful future of their own.

    A Jumping Beans Licensee should have an interest in the health, well-being and education of preschoolers and their caregivers.

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  • This opportunity would suit someone who:

    • Has experience in Early Childhood Education, Teaching, Occupational Therapy, fitness, health & wellbeing, or other related field
    • Believes they have what it takes to grow and market Jumping Beans within their area
    • Has a passion for helping children get the best start in life
    • Wants to directly impact the lives of both children and caregivers in their local community
    • Wants to take the next step and run their own business
    • Wishes to be part of a larger team of likeminded people
    • Knows that rewards are a result of hard work
    • Relishes a challenge and has the drive and commitment for success

    You will receive both initial training and ongoing support.

  • Jumping Beans Areas Available

    New Zealand Territory Licenses are available for Auckland Central/West, Auckland South, Wellington, Christchurch, Napier-Hastings, Tauranga, Dunedin, Palmerston North, Nelson, Rotorua, Taupo, New Plymouth, Whangarei, Invercargill, Whanganui and Gisborne. For all other areas not listed please contact us.

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  • Jumping Beans qualified instructors use a child-centered focus with parental involvement. Children work at their own pace through a structured program. They learn successfully in child-sized steps. Action-packed classes meet developmental needs of a child’s growing ability level.

  • Exercise, Fitness, Safety, Learning and Fun!

    From 0 to 6 years a child's brain is undergoing RAPID GROWTH. 80% of a child's ability to learn is developed during this sensitive period.

    It is vital that parents provide appropriate and adequate sensory-motor learning. This ensures optimal development of multiple intelligences. You only need to attend a Jumping Beans session and you will see how!

    Carefully selected, colorful gym equipment is used to enhance early childhood development. The class includes movement to music, ball skills and rhythmics, for balance and hand-eye co-ordination. Music, dance and singing develop language and self-esteem. Interactive play encourages Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

  • The Jumping Beans Programme

    Jumping Beans caters for all stages of a child's development, providing recurrent revenue streams as children grow and develop.
  • Baby Beans classes are designed for infants from 3 months. Parents learn how to encourage a baby’s natural development stages (e.g. “tummy time” and postural control enables a baby to crawl and sit) in a safe and friendly environment. They also meet other parents, and join in the fun and learning.

    Crawler Beans classes are for babies on the move, up to approximately 15 months. Parents learn fun, appropriate sensory-motor exercises that will help with a baby’s co-ordination and balance, which are of course essential for walking.

    Toddler Beans classes are for toddlers up to approximately 24 months. Toddlers (and parents!) learn the safety skills (e.g. climbing down safely) essential for an increasingly mobile toddler. Instructors help the toddlers develop safe grips and motor planning, which in turn enhances lung capacity and agility.

  • Gym Beans classes are tailor made for the “terrific two’s” – there is plenty of aerobic exercise to tire them out, but there is also a learning element! The children learn about essential eye control exercises, for hand-eye co-ordination and later reading and writing at school. The program covers the fundamental movement patterns which enhances the development of language, listening and musical skills.

    Bigger Beans classes are for children from approximately 36 months up. In the early stages the classes assist with a pre-schooler’s agility, gymnastic skills and fitness. Children also learn to develop their social skills, which of course are vital for emotional intelligence, confidence and self-esteem.