Frequently Asked Questions

    • What happens in a class?

      Jumping Beans qualified instructors use a child-centred focus with parental involvement.

      Custom designed, colourful gym equipment is used to enhance early childhood development. The class includes movement to music, ball skills and rhythmics, for balance and hand-eye co-ordination. Music, dance and singing develop language and self-esteem. Interactive play encourages Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

      Children work at their own pace through a structured program. They learn successfully in child sized steps. Action-packed classes meet developmental goals of your child’s growing ability level.

    • Ages and Stages at Jumping Beans?

      IT IS MORE IMPORTANT FOR YOUR CHILD TO BE IN AN ABILITY RELATED CLASS. Please note that all ages are guidelines only. If you are unsure which class is right for your child, please talk to us.

      Baby Beans classes for infants from 6 weeks: Learn how to encourage your baby’s natural development stages (e.g. “tummy time” and postural control enables your baby to crawl and sit) in a safe and friendly environment. Meet other parents. Join in the fun and learning.

      Crawler Beans classes for babies on the move, up to approximately 15 months: Learn fun, appropriate sensory-motor exercises that will help with your baby’s co-ordination and balance (essential for walking).

      Toddler Beans classes for up to approximately 24 months: Learn essential safety skills (e.g. climbing down safely) for your increasingly mobile toddler. Help your toddler develop safe grips and motor planning – developing enhanced lung capacity and agility.

      Gym Beans classes for approximately 36 months up: Assist with your pre-schooler’s agility, gymnastic skills and fitness. Learn to develop your child’s social skills – vital for emotional intelligence, confidence and self-esteem.

      Bigger Beans classes for 4 to 5 year olds, focus on building confidence and self-esteem through educational gymnastics, perceptual motor programmes, brain gym, flexibility, balance, coordination, ball skills, cooperative games and team building exercises.

    • My baby is 11 months old and not walking, which is the best class for him?

      Please select a class time that fits best with his sleep times. If he sleeps at midday, we suggest you enroll in an earlier session. If he sleeps in the morning, please enroll in a later class time.

    • Who runs the Jumping Beans classes?

      Jumping Beans classes are run by our welcoming, friendly, qualified instructors who guide you to participate with your baby/child in our fun, educational exercises and PMP activities, stimulating brain development while accommodating different learning styles in a safe, accelerated learning environment.

    • Can I enroll part way through the current term?

      You are welcome to join a class any time, providing there are spaces in the class. Just select the class you wish to join from the class timetable, and click ENROLL NOW to find out availability.

    • Do you offer make up sessions?

      Make up sessions can be taken at any time within the same term and with the same licensee. Please check with your Jumping Beans operator for availability.

    • Can I enroll my 3 year old and my 18 month old in the same session?

      Yes, we recommend you place both children the Gym Beans session so your older child is in an age appropriate class. As we work with all children on an individual level, we can work with your younger child to his ability in the same class.

    • I have a new baby - what happens if I need to feed her during class?

      If you need to feed/change/settle your baby, just let us know. You might like to think about using a front pack for baby or place her in a stroller to sleep, but if you need any extra help at all we will be happy to support you and your children.

    • I am pregnant, how hands on is the class?

      We have many pregnant ladies happily attending Jumping Beans classes with this children. While you are responsible for supervising your child at Jumping Beans, we are happy to offer you support.

    • What if my child seems reluctant to join in at first?

      Children have different learning styles and respond individually to a Jumping Beans class. Some rush in regardless. Others consider each move carefully and spend a lot of time watching. Sometimes they try out activities at home, before venturing to try them at Jumping Beans. It may take a number of sessions before your child begins to get very actively involved. At Jumping Beans we encourage each child to join in at their own pace, and to participate in the activities of their choice. They gradually gain the confidence to try most things.

    • Does my child have to do all the suggested activities?

      Jumping Beans provides a wide range of activities to challenge children in different ways. When children are ready for a new skill they will learn quickly and easily. We encourage these times of readiness. Sometimes a child is not ready for a particular challenge. We should be sensitive to this, and our instructors are happy to suggest alternatives.

    • How can I assist my child to get the most out of Jumping Beans?

      Children love encouragement and reinforcement of what they do. Non-verbal reinforcement works well…. “Oooooh!” “Yahoo!”, and nothing replaces a hug. Describing what children do helps by giving them understanding and control. “You walked the full length of the beam looking straight ahead!” “You landed on two feet!” “You watched the ball!”.

    • For how long can my child benefit from Jumping Beans?

      Families who participate in Jumping Beans for several years achieve the most long lasting results. Some benefits reported to us are CONFIDENCE, PHYSICAL SKILLS and SOCIALIZATION. These benefits transfer to many other areas of our children’s lives. They form a strong foundation for early learning. Jumping Beans provides a weekly or bi-weekly opportunity for your pre-schooler to explore their physical potential in a safe, positive and stimulating all-weather environment.

      Learning a new skill involves patience, repetition and commitment. Just as an increasing number of adults realize the benefits of regular exercise and join adult gyms, so increasing number of parents are giving this opportunity to their children by joining Jumping Beans for their pre-school years.

      Children learn more in their first five years than they will for the rest of their lives. We welcome you and your child to become a member of our Jumping Beans family from 12 weeks to 5 years!

    • Do you cater for babies/children with special needs/spectrum/sensory processing issues?

      While we are a non-therapeutic, educational programme, we welcome children with special needs who have been recommended to participate by a registered medical practioner/nurse/OT/Physio or other health provider.

      New to 2015, we are now offering the Join In Jumping Beans programme (JJB). This programme is collaboration between the Children’s Autism Foundation and Jumping Beans East Auckland. The existing Jumping Beans programme has been adapted to suit a range of developmental stages and caters for children with sensory processing issues. Family or caregiver involvement is essential to assist during the session, as well as to gain skills that are transferable to the home setting. Consultants from both organisations will be running the programme to give support to attendees. To enrol and for more information please contact

    • Do you accept Cerebral Palsy Society of NZ vouchers?

      Yes, we are a registered as a getPhysical supplier with the Cerbral Palsy Society of NZ and welcome your getPhysical vouchers. Please contact your local Jumping Beans representative for voucher payment arrangements.

    • What are your enrolment T’s & C’s?

      To view our safety regulations, and attendance/fees policy, please read our Terms and Conditions.

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