Classes Overview

Designed to support your child’s early childhood education. Enroll Now!
  • We provide classes for children aged from 12 weeks to 5 years.

  • The class includes movement to music, ball skills and rhythmics, for balance and hand-eye co-ordination. Music, dance and singing develop language and self-esteem. Interactive play encourages Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

    • Baby Beans
      Encourage your baby’s natural development stages. Supports secure attachment & baby development.
      • 3-6
        Month olds
    • Crawler Beans
      Fun, appropriate sensory-motor exercises that will help with your baby’s co-ordination and balance.
      • 6-12
        Month olds
    • Toddler Beans
      Help your toddler develop safe grips and motor planning – developing enhanced lung capacity and agility.
      • 1-2
        Year olds
    • Gym Beans
      Structured, child centred preschool classes support child learning and development with Preschool gym.
      • 2-4
        Year olds
    • Bigger Beans
      Assist with your pre-schooler’s agility, gymnastic skills and fitness, and learn to develop your child’s social skills.
      • 4-5
        Year olds
  • Jumping Beans in collaboration with Children’s Autism Foundation

  • A uniquely-designed physical development programme for three to six year olds affected by autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The classes are being piloted weekly within Auckland East territory only (Ellerslie and Grey Lynn locations) to provide children affected by autism the opportunity to develop their motor and social skills.

    The classes are tailored to suit the children’s characteristics and abilities. The class sizes are small, and we provide activities in a safe environment with lots of extra support for both children and caregivers.

    For more information please contact : Anne-Elise Smithson at the Children’s Autism Foundation or Sue Blackwell, Jumping Beans East Auckland.

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